1) What is ODAAP?

Odaap is "online accouting application", which provides accouting platform for user to maintain accounts.

2) Who can be ODAAP user?

Anyone can use ODAAP if he/she is engaged in manufacturing or trading activities, or he/she is professional , or he/or she engaged in service providing business, or he/she is legally bounded to maintain the books of accounts.

3) Is ODAAP is free to use ?

No, It is not Free, but by paying its pricing for service subscibed user entile to get this platform.Again user need to pay applicable AMC.

4) Why dose User need to pay AMC?

Yes User need to pay AMC for updates & others. If he/she fails to pay the AMC then services will be terminated for detail refer Terms & Condition.

5) Tell about the DATA security?

ODAAP set it goal to secure user's data, Data which is generated through this website(www.odaap.com) is secure, no one can access the same or share.Even we wont access the user's account. From our side we don’t use & utilize user's data (accounting) neither our employees.

6) Is Training is necessary to use ODAAP?

No, Its very user friendly and user can start using the same with basic accouting knowledge.

7) What type of support is available?

We are anytime available for support, but we prefer mails from user to assist for queries raised. Even our high qaulified professional team is proide the source from time to time.

8) Is it facilitates Invoicing?

Yes , Even basic user can generate the invoicing, Its an in-built function.

9) Is application meets provision of applicable law?

Yes , With our knowledge we tried meet the reporting formats according to applicable law, but we expect your suggestions from time to time to meet any changes occurs in future.

10) Question is not in above list? Where to raise concern ?

Can call us or drop the mail support@odaap.com